Appleway Signals Project

Appleway Signals Map


All of us that drive through Liberty Lake have seen the traffic backing up on Appleway during weekday afternoons. We have vehicle traffic from businesses on Signal Road and Madson Road that have significant difficulty turning on to Appleway. Deliveries, customers and employees need to get to and from the businesses safely and efficiently.

To address these concerns the City has hired a consultant to design two traffic signals at these intersections. Roundabouts were considered, but the space needed for the roundabouts, existing 4 lanes of traffic on Appleway, and current traffic flow patterns are not ideal for a roundabout. The signals will help traffic move more smoothly and provide needed gaps for side road traffic to enter Appleway.


The construction of the signals is scheduled for May 2018 if funding applications are successful.


City Council funded the design of the signals for this year (2017) in the amount of $190,000. The funding comes from our Harvard Road Mitigation Fund which is paid into by the developers in our City. The construction of the signals is estimated to cost $757,800. The City is pursuing outside funding for construction. We will post more detailed funding information as it becomes available.

If you have any questions, please contact City Hall at 509-755-6700.