Zoning Information

City of Liberty Lake Zoning Information

Specific Area Plan Overlay Districts (SAP) describe in more detail the type of development planned for a specific area than is typically found in a Comprehensive Plan or Zoning Map. The City has two SAP overlay districts and their locations are identified on the City Zoning Map.
City of Liberty Lake Zoning Map

Lakemore District Information

Along the eastern edge of the City is Lakemore (formerly called Liberty Village / Hawkstone) SAP-06-0001. In the northern portion of the City is the River District SAP-08-0001. Lakemore SAP-06-0001 functions as supplemental standards to the City Development Code.

River District Information

The River District SAP-08-0001 serves primarily as a standalone development code for that portion of the City, although some portions do reference the City Development Code.

Liberty Lake River District Master Plan Map